June 24, 2023 3 min read

"We all should respect our public lands, so when you're enjoying national parks be sure whatever you bring with you also goes back out with you. Nothing says you care more than leaving a place better than you found it."

— Deb Haaland

We are incredibly fortunate to have 423 stunning national parks in the United States, with millions of visitors immersing themselves in their beauty every year. However, it's important to remember that our gratitude must be accompanied by a deep responsibility to protect these beloved spaces. Whether you're a novice or an experienced hiker, following proper park protocols is crucial for maintaining these precious landscapes for generations to come. Let's work together to continue to cherish and preserve these remarkable natural wonders.

By refraining from playing loud music, leaving litter, or straying off the designated paths, we help preserve the natural beauty of our parks and safeguard the plants, trees, and wildlife that call it home. Ignoring warning signs can have significant consequences, which is why it's crucial to follow safety protocols and protect these wild spaces. By respecting others on the trail and adhering to park rules, we ensure everyone has an enjoyable natural experience. Here are a few other guidelines to keep in mind when visiting a national park 🥾

  • Don't derail; stay on the trail. Ensuring your safety is the top priority when it comes to protecting our natural landscapes. That's why sticking to designated trails is essential for safeguarding yourself and preserving the pristine beauty of our wildlife sanctuaries. Each year, countless hikers find themselves lost in the mountains and require rescue services - let's avoid these potentially dangerous situations by taking precautions and following clearly defined paths.
  • Don't leave a trace, but don't let memories be erased. Have you heard of the Leave No Trace program? This initiative fosters an appreciation for our natural areas and educates hikers and campers on minimizing negative impacts. By leaving no trace, we can help to maintain the beauty of our parks and wildlife sanctuaries for future generations to enjoy. The program is based on seven fundamental principles - let's work together to ensure our wilderness areas remain pristine.
  1. Respect wildlife.
  2. Plan ahead and prepare.
  3. Dispose of waste properly.
  4. Stay on the trail.
  5. Leave what you find.
  6. Be respectful of others.
  7. Follow the rules of campfires.
  • Loud music is abhorred; "Many hikers and visitors come to national parks to enjoy the beautiful sounds of nature and find peace and solitude. While music can be enjoyable on a hike, it's important to consider its impact on wildlife. Loud music can interfere with communication and disorient animals. If you prefer to listen to music while hiking, it's recommended to bring headphones and keep the volume low so you can still hear what's happening in the natural environment around you.
  • Respecting wildlife protects life. When you approach or feed wildlife, you often change their behavior, which can be catastrophic for the wild animals and you. So enjoy wildlife from afar.
  • Talk to a Park Ranger; they have the knowledge to keep you safe. There is a reason why park rangers are present in the parks. Their goal is to assist visitors in appreciating and enjoying our public lands and to share their knowledge with them. They also always appreciate a hello. 👋


Please enjoy your adventures and continue to protect our National Parks and other lands that we are so fortunate to have so that our future generations can enjoy them as well!

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