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Volunteer Opportunities/Nature Outings

Volunteering is an incredible way to give back to our wild places. It’s a way to say “Thank You,” for the abundant landscapes that uplift our souls, stir curiosity, and make us fully appreciative of the treasures of our world. This is why we make sure to give back to the fullest.

McGovern & Co. devotes all of our efforts to the wonders of the world. Nature is always blooming around us, full of rich discovery and thrill-seeking adventure. Volunteering often provides moments for enlightenment, brings fun learning opportunities for the youth, and makes us feel empowered by and connected to nature. So why not connect in a way that’s meaningful? Pull up your sleeves and lend a hand to our most cherished wild places. 

National Park Outings
How to Volunteer at National Parks

How to Volunteer

Volunteering at national parks is an experience that truly embodies what it means to work hard and play hard. The wild places of our world can always use additional support, whether that’s more park resources or volunteers. Not only is volunteering helpful, but it also provides rich educational opportunities and a sense of civic responsibility.

There are many amazing volunteering opportunities waiting to be explored. From Trail restorations to planting events, invasive species removals to cleanups, volunteering at our wild places make a difference.

Are you looking to make an impact? Here’s how!

Find a Park Near You

  • There are many ways to explore volunteer opportunities, starting with a park near you. Visit to discover parks in your area by selecting a region or state.
  • is another incredible resource to seek the latest volunteer opportunities! Located on the homepage under “Find a Volunteer Opportunity,” fill out the agency dropdown to select a National Park just right for you.
  • Already have a National Park in mind? Visit the, select a park of your choice, and receive contact information on the National Park Service’s volunteering website. 
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Connect With Your Park

Now that you’ve discovered a park of your choice, reach out to the appropriate contact and express your interest in participating in volunteer activities! Here are some helpful tips to consider prior to making the call:

  • Estimate how many people will be joining you! For group volunteering activities, most parks can accommodate groups up to 20 with no problem. However, it’s always best to discuss potential opportunities for larger parties.
  • Make sure you have an idea of your availability. This includes the date, time of day, and the timespan you and your group can volunteer.
  • If you’re bringing children or a child, let the park know to ensure that age-appropriate activities are available.
  • If volunteering with an organization or business, check whether your group would be willing to provide a small capacity grant for materials in the case of volunteer projects that lack funding.
  • Please be aware that not all parks have an available opportunity right away. But rest assured, you will always be able to find a volunteer activity for your park in the future!
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Explore Something New

Don’t just volunteer once; Return again and again to maintain a long-standing relationship with our wildlife and other volunteers for years to come. Something even more valuable than volunteering every once in a while is taking the time to foster meaningful relationships with the national parks.

Commit to many wonderful and continual volunteer opportunities such as the Adopt-A-Trail programs that last throughout the year.

Volunteers can also receive a free Volunteer Pass that covers entrance fees at national parks and other public landscapes for those who have accumulated 250 service hours. Visit the National Park website of your choice to learn more about how to receive a Volunteer Pass.

Nature Outings

There’s no healing power quite like nature, and for our youth, it’s often a wonderful place for development. By going on nature outings, we teach children to love and embrace the outdoors, to experience the sights, scents, and sounds that wildlife has to offer.

Nature outings give us opportunities to connect with nature intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically. Explore the ever-changing wildlife world and stir the stewardship in you.

For more amazing nature outings, volunteer adventures, and travel ideas, visit

Nature Outings

Our Stewardship Partners

McGovern & Co. has proudly partnered with the National Park Foundation and many other wonderful programs that can be beneficial to you. Visit our partnerships and seek out many fun explorations and volunteer opportunities for everyone.