May 29, 2020 1 min read

Shelton Johnson is a park ranger with the U.S. National Park Service and works in Yosemite National Park. As of 2015, he had worked in Yosemite for 22 years of his 28-year career. Johnson began his career in Yellowstone National Park in 1987. He shares the magic of the Yosemite Valley and Yellowstone with us and what makes them so special. 

“In 2010, he invited Oprah Winfrey to visit the parks as an icon of the African-American community, in order to spread "the word that the national parks really are America's best idea, and that this beauty belongs to every American, including African-Americans". - Wikipedia



“Johnson believes that a visit to a national park should mark every childhood because children have an openness in their spirit that makes them feel like they are seeing the world for the first time. In his experience, people who love national parks attribute a childhood visit to the source of their affection.” - NBC News


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