January 18, 2023 2 min read

Ummm, to ski or snowboard, which one is best? Both activities are fun mountain sports, but if you are a beginner, one might be more suited for you.




Let's start with the pros and cons of skiing. Between skiing and Snowboarding, skiing is the easiest to learn at any age but may take longer to master. Skiing is more demanding on your legs and thighs; it's a good idea to strengthen those muscles for this activity. If your goal is to be able to ski black diamond ski runs, then be aware that it can take an average of 10 weeks to ski all types of ski runs. Some can master the sport before ten weeks due to skills learned in previous sports and athletic levels. The most important thing to remember is to go at your pace and have fun. Here are some other pros and cons of skiing below.


Skiing Pros:

  1. Easy to get on and off ski lifts

  2. Its easier to keep moving on catwalks

  3. You don't have to sit in the snow to put on your skis 

  4. Skiers are faster, so you can complete more runs throughout the day


Skiing Cons:

  1. The ski boots are more difficult to walk in

  2. More prone to trip over your skies

  3. Poles are easy to lose if you fall or crash

  4. You have more equipment to carry




Another sport that can increase your endorphin levels is Snowboarding. This sport was created in the '60s and became popular in the '80s. Although skiing is still more popular, Snowboarding is still one of the top winter sports. Between skiing and Snowboarding, Snowboarding is more challenging to learn in the beginning, but once you learn it, you can progress faster than skiing. It's good to know that Snowboarding is demanding for your hamstrings, thighs, calves, glutes, and quads. But it's a great exercise with lots of thrills. Here are some other pros and cons of Snowboarding below.


Snowboarding pros:

  1. The boots are easier to walk in

  2. Less equipment to carry

  3. You are less likely to injure your legs

  4. Snowboarding on fresh powder is a blast


Snowboarding cons:

  1. Getting on and off ski lifts is more difficult

  2. Catwalks could be a pain. Sometimes you will have to remove one foot from the board to scoot your board until you get to a descending slope.

  3. Snowboarding is slower than skiing; as a result, you will have fewer runs to complete in the day.


If you can, learn both and see which one suits you more. Take advantage of these winter months with these thrilling activities! Don't forget to keep your face warm on your winter adventures with the McGovern Outdoor Sweater Bana

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