February 28, 2023 2 min read

Snowshoeing is snow much fun, especially when prepared!

Snowshoes, invented by the Athapascan Native Americans of the northeast coast and the Algonquin Native Americans of the Great Lakes area, were initially created to travel and hunt for food in the winter. Today, we used snowshoes to experience the great outdoors and as a winter sport. Some may be hesitant to go on adventures during the winter because of the cold. But if you are well prepared, your snowshoeing experience will be more enjoyable. Don’t let being unprepared ruin your adventure. Consider having these must-have snowshoeing items with you:

McGovern Outdoor Sweater Bana to keep your neck, cheeks, and nose covered to reduce skin exposure. Covering these areas helps improve regulations of thermal comfort during your activities.
• Of course, snowshoes with poles. If you are a beginner, maybe rent a pair first and see if you enjoy the activity before you buy a pair.
• Winter boots that are warm and waterproof.
• Layer up! It’s better to be overdressed than underdressed.
• Bring a satellite communicator for communication in case of an emergency.
• Wear warm socks to keep your feet warm, especially since they are in the snow throughout your activity.
• Water bottle to stay hydrated. Your body still loses water even in cold weather activities.
• Carry some snacks to provide you with energy.
• Headlamp for long trails in case it gets dark.
• Download the All Trails app. This will help you navigate even without cell phone coverage (paid subscription required... it's worth it!).
• Wear a cozy hat to keep your head covered.
• Waterproof winter gloves. Your hands will thank you.
• Pack a wireless battery charger for your phone.
• Check the weather before you head out. That will help you decide what to bring but still be prepared for changing weather.
• Don’t forget your camera to capture the memories.

Now, enjoy your snowshoeing adventures this season!

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