Glacier National Park WPA Blanket

Did you know that the lakes at Glacier National Park are not only beautiful to look at but also crystal clear? In fact, some of the lakes have visibility up to 70 feet deep! And while you're exploring those shimmering lakes, keep an eye out for the park's resident moose. These majestic creatures can weigh up to 1,500 pounds and are known to wade through the water with ease. Of course, let's not forget the awe-inspiring mountains that surround the park. With peaks reaching over 10,000 feet high, it's hard not to feel small in their presence.

This blanket is as versatile as it is comfortable. Its packable design makes it easy to carry while on the go. Relive your adventures while wrapped up in one of the softest blankets you have ever felt!

  • 50" x 60"
  • Double-Sided Mink Fleece 
  • 100% Microfiber polyester
  • Machine Washable

The official Park blanket approved by the National Park Service for Glacier National Park. 

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